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ErateDocX Reporting Feature


Each applicant can potentially generate hundreds of documents annually in support of services such as Internet Access/Wide Area Network (WAN) and WiFi equipment upgrades that are funded through the E-rate program.

CIOs, IT Staff, consultants, and accounting staff rely on access to these records to pay invoices, manage vendor contracts, respond to USAC inquiries, and more. Being able to efficiently retain and retrieve these documents year over year is critical for E-rate program compliance as well as for internal/local audits.

At ErateDocX™, our goal is to make the time-consuming, error-filled process of locating annual E-rate records a quick, easy, and stress-free task


We see it as a way for ErateDocX™ to be a part of your team, with reports that matter to you and your leadership right at your fingertips. Our software organizes data by funding year and E-rate funding stage category with an industry-first tagging system, so you can know what files are available to manage and respond to inquiries when it matters.

“It now only takes a couple of clicks for me to know what documents are stored by funding year.”
-Clear Passage Educational Center


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