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Introducing ErateDocX™

Check Out ErateDocX™ for an Awesome new way to retain the E-rate documents used to establish your annual funding awards!

Are your E-rate records located in many different places or with several staff members? Want to organize your documents onto one system where records can be accessed over a 10-year period even if key personnel leave the organization? Thousands of E-rate applicants are facing the same problem of barely being able to locate information needed to respond to USAC reviews or activate their discounts.

Enter ErateDocX™

ErateDocX™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) documentation retention app specifically designed to help organizations efficiently and securely access critical E-rate data needed for USAC reviews, audits, and management oversight. Most organizations currently store E-rate documents in file cabinets, file folders on computers, online, or a combination of all three making the ability to access them over a 10-year period and overall compliance with FCC program rules challenging, if not impossible. A key technology feature of ErateDocX™ is its advanced file tagging system which enables more detailed and user-friendly storage of documents.

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