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E-rate Program and Project Management EdTechnologyFunds PROVIDING COMPREHENSIVE E-RATE CONSULTING AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES TO SCHOOLS & LIBRARIES IN SUPPORT OF 21st CENTURY NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURES . School Districts, Charter Schools, & Private Schools E-rate Funding to improve and prepare network infrastructures for:
  • Increased Internet bandwidth
  • Improved device concurrency
  • 1-to-1 computer/tablet
  • Online Testing
  • Access to cloud-based content
  • Digital Curriculum
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • IoT
  • Makerspaces
Libraries and Library Systems E-rate Funding for network infrastructures that empower
  • Increased WiFi users
  • Automated check-out systems
  • 3D Printing
  • EBooks & online catalogs
  • Virtual author tours
  • Multimedia/Video-based content
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • Coding and innovation classes
  • Hosting hackathons
  • Access to online resources
  • Educational curriculum
E-Rate Consulting & Project Management
  • Forms Filing
  • RFP Preparation
  • Streamlined Competitive Bidding Support
  • Review and Audit Support
  • Digital Documentation Retention
  • Staff Training
  • Appeals Filings
  • Project Management
Our Clients Include School Districts Library Systems Charter Schools
Private Schools Head Start Programs
We have in-depth knowledge of the complex network requirements in educational/library environments
Achieve Funding for 21st Century
Programming and Learning
Teacher Helping

E-rate Consulting Services

EdTechnologyFunds is a full-service technology consulting services firm that specializes in helping K-12 school districts, charter schools, private schools, libraries, and state agencies get funding for technology infrastructures through the FCC’s E-Rate program. EdTechnologyFunds has more than 14 years of experience in managing all stages of the program including initial needs assessment, application submissions, competitive bidding, program compliance, documentation retention, service deployment, and project management. We strive for outcomes that matter.

Program Compliance

E-Rate Consulting Services

We have helped many organizations with E-Rate Form filings, Program Integrity Reviews, Audits, Appeals, Document Retention, and more.

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Request for Proposals

RFP Development

Our team will leverage extensive knowledge of IT equipment and services to develop best-in-class network infrastructure and services requirements.

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Technology Planning

Technology Planning

From curriculum integration, technology needs assessments, to professional development - we can help you through the entire technology planning process.

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Project Management

E-Rate Project Deployments

Our Team will coordinate the logistics & communications of your installation, from hardware delivery to scheduling installation technicians, ensuring a smooth installation process from start to finish.

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